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Employment Law, Litigation

Businesses Face Obstacles to Legal Efforts to Confront False Internet Reviews

In days gone by, consumers primarily relied on word of mouth, advertising, and reviews from authoritative sources such as print publications in deciding which businesses to frequent. In today’s Internet age, however, consumer decisions have become “crowd-sourced,” as consumers search for businesses online and read customer reviews on websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Open Table, or Angie’s List.

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Employment Law, Government Contracts

Trick or Treat: Cybersecurity Threats at Your Door

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Cybersecurity Awareness Month falls in October, the same month as Halloween. Malicious programs can come knocking at the door of your company’s digital firewall, dressed in costume as a harmless email attachment or website link. If you open the door expecting a treat, you could end up with a costly and damaging trick. So it’s the perfect time to take note of the cybersecurity risks that your business may face.

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Corporate, Health Law

Gene Patent Protection Still A Work In Progress

The Supreme Court recently ruled that naturally-occurring human genes are “products of nature” that are not eligible to be patented. At the same time, however, the Court held that artificially-created DNA, so-called complementary DNA or cDNA, is patent-able, because it is not naturally occurring.

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