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January 11, 2023

Seventh Annual Employment Law Day - New Year, New Challenges: Managing in an Employee’s Market

2022 marked a seismic shift in the employment landscape and early signs tell us that 2023 will be more of the same. Employers are facing legal compliance changes at a rapid-fire pace all the while trying to cope with motivating, managing, and retaining talent in a buyer’s market where more employees prefer contingent and remote work, and the “hustle culture” is giving way to “quiet quitting”. Our Seventh Annual Employment Law Day will focus on helping employers meet some of the challenges in this new environment. From wage and hour compliance to performance management to navigating ever-thorny pregnancy and other leave issues our attorneys will provide insight and updates that you can use to elevate your business.

Attendees of this webinar will be awarded TWO PDC’s in compliance with SHRM. For details and questions regarding PDC’s, please contact




Hurdles to Hiring: Changing Laws Are Forcing Employers to Re-Examine Procedures
On top of difficulties recruiting qualified workers, a slew of new laws are limiting what employers can ask of applicants and new hires. First, we will address the wave of cannabis laws in local jurisdictions, to help you understand what legalization means for your company, and how it might impact your existing questionnaires, testing, or disciplinary policies. Second, we will examine the trend of curtailing non-compete agreements or even eliminating them altogether, so you can understand the best way to protect your company in a way that will allow for enforcement and avoid surprises.

Now You See It: Trends in Wage Transparency and Equal Pay
From the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team’s litigation and settlement over the players’ pay to Oracle’s big win against the OFCCP, equal pay and pay transparency are hot-button issues and employers must pay attention to the shifting landscape. This is particularly true as more and more companies recruit country-wide and employ talent remotely, requiring those employers to disclose pay ranges to job applicants in far-flung locales. We will bring you up-to-date on the latest equal pay and pay transparency developments and discuss best practices for meeting the requirements of pay transparency laws that are quickly cropping up across the U.S. 

Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Steering Employee Wages and Performance
Wage and hour laws are constantly changing, new rules have emerged regarding employers’ last-minute modifications and companies have entered a stage of managing employees in an employee market. With all these updates, we will provide you insight into what is on the horizon with topics including misclassification issues, tip credit, new laws for states dealing with Predictive Scheduling, and best practices/legal pitfalls when managing a workforce, including remote workers and underperforming staff.

Oh Baby! Navigating the Nuances of Employing Parents and Parents to Be 
The landscape of laws dealing with the rights of employees who are pregnant or have newly become parents has changed dramatically over the last decade, as have cultural norms and employee expectations in these areas. In this portion of the program, we will address the newest laws on managing pregnancy disabilities and protections for nursing workers, as well as the requirements, trends, and best practices as they relate to providing employees with leave or other accommodations or adjustments before or after the birth of their child. 


March 21, 2023

Michelle Chapin’s Article on the Use of Arbitration Causes in Trusts is Published by the MSBA’s Estate & Trust Law Section

Michelle Chapin, a Principal in Paley Rothman’s Estate Planning department, authored an article titled "(Un)Enforceability of Arbitration Clauses in Maryland Trusts" in the MSBA's Estate & Trust Law Section Newsletter Volume 29 Issue 1.

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Sec. Deb Haaland – First Native American in the Cabinet

Sec. Deb Haaland is the first Native American to serve in the President’s cabinet and has been instrumental in bringing attention and action to the horrific incident rate of...

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